fredag 14. september 2012

KoC - Madrid

Playing a festival in Madrid tonight with Kings of Convenience. The weather and surroundings are fantastic,

but what makes it extra super-cool is that I get to see Sigur Rós who are playing after us!

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Location:Calle del Arquitecto López Otero,Madrid,Spain

lørdag 9. juni 2012

Fantastic crowd in Porto

Wow, what an amazing audience we had the honour of playing for at the Primavera Sound festival in Porto tonight!
They were so responsive, the vibe was great!

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Location:R. do Eng. António de Almeida,Oporto,Portugal

Primavera Sound, Porto

Don't get me wrong, I do feel sorry for Bjork having to cancel her show and of course for her fans, but I'm really looking forward to playing tonight!
We're filling in with Kings of Convenience and I hope we'll please the crowd!

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Location:R. do Ten. Valadim,Oporto,Portugal

mandag 4. juni 2012

A glimpse of the circus i´ve recently been a part of:

søndag 3. juni 2012

Primavera Sound

Adios Barcelona. Gracious host of an amazingly cool festival! 10 stages within walking distance on the seafront. 100,000 listeners, all of whom seem to be happy and attentive.
It was wonderful to witness and a privilege to perform here :)

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torsdag 31. mai 2012

Lost Luggage

This bare necessities kit came in useful, but I can't help thinking that had the necessary resources required to mass produce this kit been spent on luggage handling perhaps I'd have my luggage with me now and not need afore mentioned kit!

The kit I need in under an hour for the sound check is a fully furnished drum kit, but of course my cymbal bag, bass drum pedal, stick bag and shaker are all M.I.A!
Thanks to Frankfurt airport..

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Location:Route de Grandfey,Granges-Paccot,Switzerland

tirsdag 29. mai 2012

Snaps from Chagall

Some snapshots of Ophelia Hopes guest string players. It's such a blessing to have such wonderful friends and colleagues join us on (and back) stage!

Haven't heard Ophelia Hope? Check us out!

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